If you ever wanted to know what it was like, both the sights and sounds, when the Hyper-Sub was being tested, then this is the video for you!  Everyone was “mic’d”.  There is no audio dubbing.  So, as you see the Hyper-Sub perform, you are hearing the actual sights, sounds and conversations AS THEY WERE OCCURRING.  Most of the video is from a single dive though we did take the liberty of occasionally using some footage (with real time audio) from other dives just to insure that the experience of diving a Hyper-Sub was as complete as possible for the viewer.  We hope you enjoy this video as much as we do!    


The Hyper-Sub is about more than a machine or making a lot of money (though we fully expect to do so).  It is a real story about real, everyday, regular people who have the courage to believe that they can achieve the impossible...while risking all to do so.


If you are one who simply enjoys “rockin out” while checking out the Hyper-Sub, then you might just enjoy this video.  Yes, the music is a little raw, but then again, so is the Hyper-Sub!