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With our path finally cleared, our Group is now taking the final steps to enter the second phase of our program!  As you will see, the Hyper-Sub is one of those rare products that has the ability to go global quickly, across multiple market verticals, in a significantly profitable manner.  But don't take our word for it.  Here is what just one expert had to say about our program.   


“Wow! This is a very interesting company that is targeting a market where there is a clear need.  The best companies are the ones that have something totally disruptive, meaning massively lower costs, and have a clear use case.  I think this company has that and could be an incredibly successful venture moving forward”. - Mark Suster, Fox Business News Consultant   


Like Sikorsky's VS-300 helicopter, the Wright Brother's Flyer and Henry Ford's Model T, the Hyper-Sub is one of those rare and historic concepts that has the ability to significantly change the world by correcting the limitations that have always prevented mankind from being able to access the sub sea environment quickly, easily (and most importantly) affordably.  

As with the aforementioned machines, the Hyper-Sub provides very straight forward solutions to problems that have always limited mankind's access to the sub sea environment by providing massive improvements in deployment convenience, deployment safety and deployment costs while also providing a platform that can be used for many different purposes.  

The historical parallels are uncanny and the words used to describe the Hyper-Sub's potential by the world's leading militaries, defense contractors and naval architects are "It's a global game changer" and "massively disruptive".  


Private Ownership

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A Hyper-Sub does not require a yacht or other large surface vessel and crew in order to be used since it is first and foremost an incredibly safe, high powered, open sea state surface vessel.  As such, the Hyper-Sub can be launched from any owner's dock, enjoyed while traversing distances while anticipating the excitement of the next dive.  




Due to a Hyper-Sub’s small size and other surface vessel / submarine characteristics, the Hyper-Sub Series II vessels can provide a persistent, virtually invisible, and highly capable platform from which to conduct a wide range of port security and persistent ISR missions, right up to the water’s edge and can do so at only a fraction of the cost compared to other available technologies. 


Oil and Gas 


With over 90% of the world’s oil & gas infrastructure being in less than 300 feet of water, a product that can perform better, faster and cheaper is needed.  Hyper-Subs deploy quickly and do not require the procurement or support of a large surface vessel.  As a result, it can operate at only a small fraction of the day costs, cut lost opportunity costs while reducing large vessel/ROV procurement costs for operational needs down to 1,200 feet.